Monday, April 30, 2007

Things change

The end of April signals a mood change in climate and perspective. April showers come to an end and May's flowers begin to bloom.

Are we also shifting our perspectives, letting go of the preparation and stepping into our blooming phase? It is time. Not just because of the seasons, but because we need to let go of procrastinations and just 'Do!'.

For me it is weight loss. Several of us freelance journalists have banded together in a friendly competition to lose weight over the next few months. We get points for exercise and drinking water, keeping a food diary and eating our fruits and veggies. The biggest points are awarded for loss in body measurement.

One observation I've made in the past couple years about health and weight loss is an eye opener for me. There is more to good health than being thin.

For example. As a writer, my life can be quite sedentary. In the past year I took on a part-time job for two reasons: I work in an environment where I am surrounded by books and book lovers -- heaven on earth. And second, I chose this job because I do not sit down for four hours. Constantly I am walking, stretching, bending. I move every part of my body and even exercise my eyes. The job is a lowly library page -- but where it may fall short in dollars per hour, it more than makes up in health benefits.

For someone as sedentary as I have been, who did not believe that simply walking or moving would make any difference, I have been proven wrong. Just getting up and out and moving has increased my stamina, my body strength, my breath and improved my self image.

So, this last day of April, step out of your attitude of would, could, maybe, and tomorrow and think May. Give yourself permission -- May I live a better life? May I try something new? May I take that first step to a new me?

Yes, you May.