Sunday, September 2, 2007

Waning Gibbous tugs us toward chaos

Today's moon is a waning gibbous, which means more than half, less than whole. Basically, the moon has a hump back. This may be the cause of the atmosphere of discourtesy and chaos we encountered today at Sam's Club.

The full moon's tug is still strong. That explains a lot. People are known to do weird things while under the effects of a full moon. Or at least that makes a great excuse.

I didn't expect Sam's Club to be a location where people are so vulnerable to the moon's phases. Evidently it is.

People were pushing and shoving. Some stood in the middle of aisles staring at the same frozen fish or unripe mango unable to see the bottle neck they'd created. Cell phones crushed tightly to ears transported people to another time, place and relationship to the detriment of those milling around them. Clerks tapped feet, gritted teeth, and then whirled and stalked away or yelled like a mule skinner trying to get recalcitrant shoppers to form two lines. "There are two lines people, two lines, two lines, two lines...."

My husband, riding a motorized cart, was marooned more than once by people jumping in front of him, driving their carts into his path, or some tried pushing him out of the way. Maybe we didn't get the memo about rescinding the rights of people with disabilities.

I wondered if there might be a natural disaster coming that no one mentioned to us. Each person bent on his own needs, his own path, his own space, his own survival. But, maybe someone should tell the one woman in the milk and egg aisle, that her world will not end if she did not get a gallon of milk precisely when she wanted to get a gallon of milk. I originally wrote 'the lady' -- but had to change that. She was definitely not a lady.

This was Sam's Club, not Hurricane Charlie.

I can't explain why people can't be courteous. Interact with a smile, take a deep breath and stop fighting the fray.

We were exhausted by the time we exited the store. I'm just thankful I don't work there and never need return -- except for the kitty litter. We can't seem to find that brand elsewhere, but maybe we could teach our cats to sit on the toilet and flush. It might be easier than facing that mob again.

Or maybe we'll check the moon phase before heading back. A gibbous moon seems to turn everyone into mannerless boors. Well, not everyone. My husband and I and the guy behind us in the check out line seemed to be resisting its effects.

In total honesty, I felt the moon's pull when the woman pushed me out of the way as she reached for the milk. It was a strong urge to grab the cell phone from her hand, throw it to the ground and stomp it to smithereens. I had a flashback to working at the library, emptying the book drop. A patron drove up in her Lexus, thrust a book in my face while she babbled into a cell phone, then drove off forcing me to leap back so she didn't run over my foot.

I do so hate cell phones and the boors who must babble on them in public places. I think the moon made me say that....


Marijke Durning said...

Frustrating for sure. I don't know if we're any more rude, just more rushed perhaps? Mind you, there is definitely a stronger sense of "me-ness" than there used to be.

It's funny how when there's a disaster, you end up seeing such kindness and giving from total strangers. It's as if we need something catestrophic to remind us of how we are all interconnected somehow.

Dawn said...

Amen, Marijke,
Our neighbors -- lovely people -- tell of living in this housing development for 15 years and it took 2004, a year with 4 hurricanes to get everyone out of their houses to meet their neighbors and form a sense of community. I'm glad we missed the hurricanes (moved in afterwards) but I would have liked the bonding.

I agree with the 'me-ness.' But in Florida it seems more mild. Southern courtesy really does prevail and it is like watching a miracle unfold to see it softening the New Yorkers and Jersey-ites. :)


Rick Bylina said...

I'm from NJ originally, don't have a cell phone, and shop at Sam's on occassion. It doesn't take the moon to bring on rudeness, just diet coke at $2 a twelve pack. The distancing created by the cell home use is just an add-on.

P.S. It should be noted that we're about to give up our Sam's membership. Careful attention to the sales at the regular stores beats Sam's for nearly everything except bulk garlic. The number one reason why I don't have problems with vampires.