Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fear Not -- Just Do It

When feeling the need to be really productive, I make a 'to do' list.

The problem with my to-do lists is that they seem to fulfill the 'need' to be productive and that's as far as I get. Nice list. Nothing done. I look at it and say, "Neat, orderly list of things I SHOULD do." Then I tuck it away and I don't. I don't do ANYTHING!

As much as I am NOT a NIKE fan, I do think they are absolutely right with their : Just Do It!

No list. No "I should." "I could." "Why not?" discussions with myself. Just DO IT!

It starts with my first thought in the morning. "I SHOULD get up." But I don't. I lay there and think of all of the things I could accomplish with that extra half hour. On the mornings I do get up -- the bed is made, the dishwasher stands empty or is restocked with dirty dishes, the cats are fed AND watered, and I might even be wearing make up. On the mornings I 'think' about it. Well, the house looks like someone kidnapped me and ransacked the house.

The difference between 'should' and JUST DO IT! shows in every life at every level of the economic spectrum. Maybe someone should have blown the whistle on Mr. Made-off? Maybe someone should have checked for lead in the toys from China before pouring them into the American market? Maybe someone should have checked for a loose wire before sending a hydraulic lift home with a paraplegic?

There is this little voice that tells me what I should be doing. "Write!" or maybe "Smile at that poor woman with the screaming kid."

Or send a care package to your kids.

Or send out that query.

Or read those books lining your shelves, don't just dust them.

Donate to those causes that touch your heart, don't just THINK about it.

Hug my family more.

Give more compliments....

But the one thing that I allow to keep me silent is fear. Of failure? Rejection? The list of fears is long and my life is much shallower for them. I see people doing wondrous things and I fear to venture far from home -- I might get lost, my car might stop running, I might have a flat tire. I might ....

My creative juices run freely when I'm thinking fearful thoughts. If only they were that active when I try to write fiction. Then my censor jumps in and says "What would your mother say!" "That's silly" or "You don't know enough about that topic to write coherently...."

Fear and loathing in Mid-America is rampant and so we sit and watch the paint dry and make to-do lists.

I think I need to start a DONE list.

One blog about getting things done.

It is a beginning. Pathetic and insignificant. But maybe it will grow and along with it -- my life!

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