Saturday, April 18, 2009

All Medicine is NOT sold in a bottle!

Research comes at the most unexpected times. For example I've been limping along, literally, for the past few weeks. Sore knee, sore hip, muscle pain, you name it. And lets face it, when you hurt physically, you hurt every way -- emotionally, spiritually, mentally.

A few over-the-counter pain killers and I'd get through my shift at the library, then drag myself home to moan and groan and order delivery for meals. I was contemplating getting those x-rays done that the doctor prescribed, but was putting it off. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what was wrong and what little could be done to fix it.

And then, a miracle happened.

This amazingly beautiful man walked into the library. Not too tall, not too short. Broad shoulders, trim waist, long legs and arms and a handsomely weathered face with great bones. Not beautiful in the way of perfection or Adonis, but beautiful in the way of healthy and strong, active and oozing self confidence and testosterone. But not in a 'look at me' attitude, but simply a humble man among men.

I took one look at him and totally forgot about my throbbing knee and tender hip. I straightened up, sucked in my stomach, wished away my double chins and alerted a few coworkers to 'gorgeous man in the building.'

We don't use that alert enough, they were confused at first. But we managed to scope him out. I won't say we were unobtrusive, but he was forgiving and generous and acted oblivious to our flustered squawkings and huddles of befuddled women.

He was even kind enough to approach me and ask for assistance. Perhaps the response he gets from women is good for what ails him. But for the next half hour I felt no pain.

I don't mean that 'in a romantic fog' kind of way. I mean I literally felt no pain. My knee and hip operated fine and my muscle aches vanished. I smiled and laughed and stood up straight and moved faster than I had in weeks.

Adrenalin? Endorphins? Hormones? Whatever my body did to react to this man should be bottled and sold as a painkiller.

No wonder romance novels are the number one sellers. They aren't trash, they are therapeutic. They are good for what ails you. Get a little moist, get a little excited and all of a sudden, anything seems possible -- and painless.

Did I mention that when this man opened his mouth to ask me where the travel books are, I nearly melted into the floor? I'm a little Ohio girl where everyone speaks flat and plain and boring. But he -- oh my -- he speaks ENGLISH! Not only English, but with a South African lilt. Words spoken that way say so much more. My brain could barely process what he was saying as I listened to the music of his voice.

Just writing about the experience and my knee feels better. So, do your own research. Maybe a little eye candy is good for what ails you, too.

Is it politically correct? I don't know. Admiring another human being seems a nice thing to do. Objectifying and turning him into a piece of meat -- maybe not. But I realized that the way I saw him was similar to the way I feel when I see a piece of art that speaks to my senses. That doesn't seem like a bad thing. I don't want to possess him. I'm quite content with my dear hubby. But we all know that beauty enriches our lives. And my recent research, experiment, encounter, demonstrates that beauty also makes you feel better and takes the pain away.

Just think of it like singing is to stutterers or dancing is to people with Parkinson's Disease. For that brief moment while engaged in those activities, you are transformed.

All medicine doesn't taste bad; nor is it sold by the bottle.

Photos: Hugh Jackman and Hugh Jackman as dad to his two kids.