Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Women in Art

This video appears on You Tube tagged: Women in Art. More than a million have viewed it during the month it has been on You Tube.

It features 500 years of women in Western art in 172 seconds. It covers the spectrum: renaissance, baroque, neoclassicism, impressionism, rococo, fauvism, surrealism, abstract, realism, romanticism, noveau, and morph. Morph is new to me, but the way one face 'morphs' into the next leaves the impression that these women have something to say.

What a creative use of video technology. Apparently it was created using Morpheus, but was also made with quite an eye for art, skill, and passion -- not to mention patience.

I can only wonder what art will entail twenty or one hundred years from now. It is exciting to consider the possibilities. But then it is difficult to consider the possibilities because they are endless! Imagine that all of these women represent a form of art that was cutting edge, innovative and some times shunned. I'm glad we're more accepting of new and different today and eager to see what's next.

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