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NATURE Can Animals Predict Disaster? Predicting Earthquakes - Celebrity bloopers here
Cats rule. It is true. They do not deal well with authority, not even another cat. They are in charge. And well they should be. With their natural ability for seeing and knowing more than us mere humans can ever expect to experience, they should be telling us what to do and when to do it.

In most homes cats instruct humans about feeding time, litter box changes, when they may touch the family feline and when they may not. The cat chooses which pieces of furniture they will shred, which lap to sit on -- or not -- and who may be singled out for some purr therapy.

Through the years cats have demonstrated an uncanny ability to forsee things. According to a delightful website "Superstitions and Old Wives Tales" --
Cats are looked upon as an infallible weather forecaster: if one sneezes then
rain is on the way; a cat sitting with its back to the fire indicates a storm;
while one sharpening its claws on a table leg is a sign of a change in the
weather, usually for the better.
Who knew the reason our furniture is being shredded was because of weather changes?

According to an article supposedly printed in National Scientist, cats can also read human's minds with 100 percent accuracy.

Kitty showed several flash cards to the laboratory cat "Fluffy," shuffling them
while concentrating on one symbol (in this case, the cross). Fluffy's job was to
pick the card Kitty was thinking about. Kitty tried to mislead Fluffy by waving
another card around.
There is even a test on the Internet to see if your cat has special powers. Be sure to have the sound turned on and not too loud on your computer or it might give you heart failure.

And, if that weren't enough reason to trust cats and animals and include them in your life, it is believed they can also predict disasters, and even death. Oscar the cat looks like a few strays who lived and loved in my childhood home. But, perhaps because we were all so healthy, they didn't have a chance to demonstrate their death detectors.

I have heard of cats sensing or detecting disease in humans, here's a link about dogs' abilities to do the same.
Mostly my cats just give me TLC and remind me who is the boss -- and it isn't me.

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