Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time to Kick Some Bad Guy Butt

We haven't seen it yet, so don't ruin the ending....I'm talking about Live Free or Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. I mean, after watching all of these Die Hard movies, could it be that the bad guys might win one?


I love this series.

One reason is the good guy is not some namby pamby good guy he is a "Yippee Ki Yay...." good guy. Flawed, human, and so utterly a hero I can cheer for and in some ways identify with. He's just an ordinary guy. Every man. An American loner of the old tradition of Shane.

OK, he's Bruce Willis, and nothing he is involved in is ordinary (remember the TV series he was in -- Moonlighting-- it changed the TV landscape forever). But he, his characters, don't have super human or super wealthy abilities. He's tenacious and he's funny.

And he faces some of the coolest, most delightfully evil villains -- Alan Rickman (now known as Professor Snape). I adored his urbane evilness. And of course Jeremy Irons, the ultimate Mr. Cool.

And the sidekicks. Better than even Lethal Weapon's duo -- maybe not. But close. Samuel L. Jackson came off as my favorite sidekick of the three Die Hard movies I have seen. But I do have a soft spot for Dennis Franz. This new guy -- the computer commercial guy -- Justin Long. I can't wait to watch him interact with Bruce Willis.

As disappointing as America's 'non-military' political/leadership hero pool, given the men (and woman) running for president, and the president we now must contend with, we have to resort to fiction to reinforce our belief that we actually have good guys.

The last good guy I can say I truly believed in was Jimmy Carter, maybe Ralph Nader.... But they haven't done alot of physical butt kicking. So I return to Bruce Willis to deliver the adrenalin rush.

I am a pacifist, that's what I tell myself. I don't like confrontation. But I so enjoy watching an underdog fight for justice and freedom and the American way. I don't think that ever goes out of style. I guess if this were a music analogy -- Die Hard movies are the Sousa Marches of the movie world.
March on Bruce, march on!

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Marijke Durning said...

I like your choices. Easy on the eyes too. :-)

By the way, I posted a couple of quilt pics on my blog if you're interested in a creation I had to whip together this week.