Friday, September 18, 2009

"Can't take a dump without a plan...."

In our house movie quotes intermingle every conversation. Part of the fun is to remember where we've heard that one before. I believe the title of this blog came from a Tom Clancy inspired movie starring Sean Connery and one of the Baldwin boys: Hunt for Red October.

Obviously this character was not speaking about me because I've lived for far too long without any plan at all. Just followed traditions for the most part with a few moments of bliss when I felt I was actually in the place where I should be. One of those moments of grace when everything seemed to fit into place. Often it happens in my writing. The right word in the right place conveying a message deeper than I ever expected or even knew I had in me!

But usually I'm searching, searching, searching for the right door -- choosing between door number one, door number two, or door number three. Too often I've ended up with the donkey instead of the fiery red sports car -- but then again, there's something to be said for donkeys. They can take you to greater heights than any sports car -- just ask those people living in the Himalayas.

Since deciding to focus on growing my writing business and moving toward a completed novel, I realize plans may be a new way of life. A good way to go. And to that end, let me point you toward an interesting blog and business plan made by the Ancient Artist. She offers a free 78 page download of her business plan for the mature artist.

I question the word mature -- if she means mature in the sense of no longer childish -- I'm not there yet. Mature in years -- that's me. This making a plan business is not for the faint of heart. The author of this plan says you must know four things:

Know yourself
Know your market
Know your opportunities
Know your potential

Well, I suppose I would be further along the path to success if I knew even one of these things. But it is a place to begin. Perhaps I've been like Jack Nicholson's character for too long: "You don't want the truth. You can't handle the truth!" (A Few Good Men).

I'm all about beginnings right now. So I had better get back onto my 'shriveled little legs' (Sleepless in Seattle) and do my best for the Gypper. (Some old Ronald Reagan movie).

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