Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Week, a new beginning

Mondays always give me hope. At least I feel that way when I don't face a job I can't stand. In that respect unemployment has lightened up Mondays considerably for me. And with you and this blog to push me to write each day, I began the morning with a rewrite.

Back in July I had sent a personal essay off to Christian Science Monitor. No word. A silent rejection. Not even a letter to use in my fabric-paper collage. When I sent the essay I wasn't completely satisfied with it, but I got lazy and a little desperate to sell something and sent it.

Today I stripped it apart and refocused it, cut out the oh woe is me sections, and tightened the writing. I don't know if it will sell. What I do know is I am already much happier with this piece. And if I'm happy, that makes rejection easier somehow. But I am hopeful again that this piece will sell.

Yes, do overs are allowed.

My new schedule seems to fit into a routine of checking email, checking my blogs, and then surfing for inspiration or information that I can fit together into something unique and universal with a slightly new perspective before settling down to write today's blog.

Today's serendipitous cyberspace ramble took me to a site, Walletpop, where I found great information about freebies, job searches, unemployment, and making money. I read a CNN story about the four people they have been following through their unemployment experiences.

These people were struggling, no doubt about it, but they were also experiencing what I had discovered -- freedom. Freedom isn't free. We've heard that cliche. And the price may be dear. No I'm not going to fight a war for my freedom, people much braver and stronger and younger and much more heroic than I are standing at the wall and securing my world. And I thank them everyday -- they just don't know it. I need to work on that.

Right now my freedom is costing me the security and peace of mind that my guaranteed every two weeks paycheck brought. But I'm really less conflicted, even with financial woes. I'm where I think I should be. I'm where I can help and support the people I love.

Today I plan to spend some quality time with the Subversive Stitchers and their fictional lives. Stay tuned, I'll let you know how that goes.

Tip of the Day: How to use a dash.

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