Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Furry Wings

Photo by Dawn Goldsmith
Spring arrives on the wings of feathery house hunters.
They flutter against my bedroom window.
The starling couple consider a cozy corner
beneath the window’s awning as a possible nesting site.
My cat, my companion, watches the wings’ rhythmic beating
against the screen, bidding them a plaintive good-by
when the couple flies away to inspect another property in the evergreen tree.

His golden feline eyes search the room and widen
when he spies a small powdery miller resurrected by warmer temperatures.
As the small insect swoops and swirls around the bedroom,
the cat eyes him, switches his tail, and ack-acks his longing for a set of furry wings.
--by Dawn Goldsmith

Previously published in Green Tricycle

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