Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What's on your mind, matey?

Have you noticed that whatever is on your mind shows up all around you?

When the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie came to theatres, my husband and I checked it out. We watched the near three hour movie, squirming a bit before the big finale, but didn't realize how saturated with pirates, lore and treasure we had become.

In addition to the movie, the advertising blitz for the movie, and the merchandise everywhere, there was my husband's favorite joke. He tells and retells a favorite until everyone he knows has heard it at least five times.

"What's a pirate's favorite restaurant?"
He pauses, his blue eyes twinkle, a smile twitches. Next his face scrunches up in his version of pirate aplomb as he delivers the answer, "Arrrrrrrrbys."

And then there is the pirate's favorite singing group - CC Rrrrrrrrrrr. And the favorite place a pirate shops for toys: Toys Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr Us. The piratical utterance "Aargggggg" reverberates.

Pirates lingered in our thoughts and resurfaced during our Sunday morning ritual of pastries and politics. After more than thirty years together, my husband and I have become decidedly comfortable and sedentary. Sundays we savor every bite of a large bakery fresh cream cheese frosted cinnamon roll, sip fresh-ground coffee brewed just the way we like it and indulge in a string of political TV news programs.

Our three cats know they must get fed before Tim Russert starts talking, or they're on their own until Chris Matthews, Bob Schieffer and George Stephanopoulos say goodbye.
I can't remember a time when Bob Schieffer was not on television bringing us news from Washington. He's covered every presidential campaign since 1972 and became CBS network's chief Washington correspondent in the '80s.

But between bites of cinnamon roll and sips of coffee, my spouse and I saw him in a new light. That particular Sunday, Bob had interviewed the ambassador of Syria and another from Israel and was asking some columnist from the Washington Post to comment.

Bob said something about someone arming someone. After all of those political shows, forgive me if I nod off now and then. In fact the man he was chatting with had just minutes before chatted with news man David Gregory, who was sitting in for Chris Matthews on another network.

But I came immediately to attention with Bob's comment. I do believe his ancestors raised their shaggy heads.

Could it be? Look closely at Mr. Schieffer. You might see what we did when he said, "Arrrrrrmed."

This grandfatherly man with the crinkly smile and air of respectability. This man who regularly chats with presidents, dictators, secretaries of state, and foreign ambassadors. This man who is a host of a no-nonsense CBS news show since 1991. This man would arrrrrguably look quite comfortable wearing an eye patch, clenching a knife between his teeth and yes, even with a parrot on his shoulder.

I walked outside to clear my head and who should I see but Thomas our neighbor two doors down. He was barefoot, working in his yard. He wore an old shirt with the sleeves ripped off, his pants legs rolled up to his knees. His earring peaked from beneath a bandanna he had tied around his head.. And, I'm not sure, but just before I rushed back into the house and slammed the door, I swear I saw a scabbard lashed to his hip. ###

If you want to make your own Cinnamon rolls, check out this recipe on the Food Network or this Cinnabun Clone recipe by the Gordon Family.

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