Friday, May 11, 2007

Dancing Horses, Who Knew?

Do horses like music? I can’t imagine such a beautiful, perfect animal not also appreciating a catchy tune. Thanks to YouTube, here is a video of Anky van Grunsven, the queen of Kur, giving a gold medal performance. I think the horse is into the music, don’t you?

I’m hearing from owners and horse lovers that, yes, horses are natural music lovers. From a horse in Indianapolis who dances to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” to Kur (Dressage set to music,) and equestrian ballet, horses have been jamming.

Anotoine de Pluvinel choreographed and Robert Ballard provided the score for “Le Carrousel du Roi,” an equestrian ballet in 1610, which was part of the engagement celebration for Louis XII of France and Ann of Austria.

In 2000, crowds appreciated a re-enactment of Le Carrousel du Roi sponsored by Kate van Orden, assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

In a more modern interpretation than Le Carrousel du Roi, JoAnna Mendl Shaw put together dancers, horses and riders for her Equus Project. On their website, the concept is described as “a unique form of choreographic investigation that partners dancers with horses and their riders." It "merges the artistry of dance with the athletics of equestrianism.” They are teaching two clinics in June: A June 9-10th clinic for Equestrians and June 18-22nd, a Dancers' Intensive that introduces dancers to the artistry of dancing with a four-legged (equine) partner. Find out more on their website.

Janet Marlow's Relaxation Music for Horses: seems to be the recording of choice in many horse barns. Feel free to add your opinion to whether horses like music or not.

P.S. Note the addition of cinnamon roll recipes on the previous blog for Wednesday, May 9, matey.


PhilWaigand said...

WOW, I am working on promoting
"THE BEAT"(Heart, Hoof & Drum)
which is about highlighting and developing the "Rider, Horse &
Music Connection" Also, I am hoping to get Janet Marlow,
Therapeutic Riding Music together
with JoAnna Mendl"Dancing wtih
Horse", since you mentioned both of them in your article. Talk
about "CONNECTING" ! ! Thanks,
Phil Waigand

PhilWaigand said...

I wrote the first comment on
Dancing with Horses, Who Knew?"
Just wanted to let you know, that
your article is helping to set the stage for "THE BEAT"(Heart, Hoof & Drum) AWAKENING EVENT. The "AWAKENING EVENT" will be a two part presentation, the first part will be a musical presentation followed by a horse/music presentation with both
parts overlapping with familiar music and rhythms. Phil Waigand